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How to sell Ethereum

Are some things still not entirely clear to you? We understand it might seem complicated. You can also contact us if you have any questions. Our support team stands ready to assist, whether it is over the phone, by email or through the live chat, seven days a week.

SATOS is the best place to sell your Ethereum

Step 1: Place an order to sell Ethereum

You do not need a SATOS account to sell your ethers through SATOS. The only thing we need to know during the first step is how much Ethereum you want to sell or how much EUR you like to receive. The computer will automatically calculate the other amount. When you have finished checking everything, continue to the second step by clicking on ‘Place order.’

Step 2: Confirm your order

We now require some personal details to process the transaction and transfer the euros to your bank account. We need your email address and your bank account number. Have you finished entering all this information? Congratulations, you are nearly done! Click on ‘Confirm order’ to continue to the final step of the selling process.

Step 3: Send your Ethereum to SATOS

The next step is to send your ethereum to a SATOS wallet address. After filling in your details and clicking on send, you will be shown an address to which you must send us your ethereum to. It is vital that you select an appropriate transaction fee. This ensures that we will receive your ethereum before your order expires. Most ethereum wallets automatically display a recommended and average transaction fee. Once you have uploaded your transaction to the network, you will need to wait for the confirmation of the blockchain. Wondering how long this takes? We will explain this process a bit further down the page. For now, let us go to the final step!

Step 4 – Verification and payment

Alas, even SATOS is obligated to follow up on verification procedures as after your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, we will ask you to briefly verify yourself. We will thoroughly explain our verification procedures on your personal transaction page as well as indicating which procedures apply to you. Do not fret, it is not rocket science and if you are curious about what our verification procedures are you can always check our current verification methods. Once you have handed in the specified verifications, our compliance team will do their best to quickly assess and verify your documents, after which we will process your order as soon as possible.

Up-to-date with our verifications? Then we will do our best to pay your order out as fast as we can!

What is the best Ethereum selling price?

Determining the right moment to sell your cryptocurrencies remains a difficult affair. Prices on the crypto market can fluctuate tremendously over a single day. The only advice we can give you here is that no one owns a crystal ball and that you will always have to do your own research before you make any decisions. Would you like to know more about the dynamics behind the current Ethereum rates, and which factors are of influence? Take a look at our Ethereum price analysis page to find out more about this.

How long does it take before I receive euros on my bank account?

Now that you have decided to exchange your cryptocurrency for euros, you are obviously also interested in finding out how long it will take before your payment reaches your bank account. The speed of this process depends on a couple of factors. We have listed these here along with a brief explainer.

  • SATOS processing time
  • Processing time of the Ethereum network
  • Bank processing time

SATOS processing time

On average, SATOS processes transactions within 15 minutes. Keep in mind that if this is your first transaction on our platform, that you may need to complete a couple of one-time verification steps. Fortunately, this is a one-time process: once you have completed this, you will be able to sell and buy Ethereum through SATOS without any delay. The amount in euros you will receive will in principle be fixed from the moment you have completed the first step of the sales process.

Processing time of the Ethereum network

Along with our processing time, the processing time of the Ethereum network is also a factor you need to take into account. If the system is currently facing an unusual amount of traffic, it might take a bit longer before your transaction is picked up by miners and added to the blockchain. This is partly dependent on the transaction fee you have selected. How does this work? Every block on the blockchain is limited in space. Therefore, miners need to choose which transactions they will process during the next block. Miners will handle the most profitable transactions first. So, the higher the fee you pay, the better the chances of your transaction being mined into the next block.

Bank processing time

Unfortunately, we are also dependent on the processing time of banks. They generally process transactions much slower than networks like the Ethereum network. Besides, banks are often closed during weekends, which means that you may have to wait until the next working day before your transaction is finalised. As a rule of thumb, you can expect bank payments to be processed on the same day as long as they have been initiated before 3 PM.

Why do customers opt for SATOS?

  • Speed: we instantly process orders and work seven days per week.
  • Reliable: we have been active as brokers on the Dutch cryptocurrency market for more than five years now.
  • Support: our support team is available seven days per week and will answer all your questions, regardless of whether you use the live chat or call us.
  • Secure: we do not manage our clients’ assets. Are you buying cryptocurrency through SATOS? Then you will always retain full control over it.
  • Straightforward: SATOS allows convenient payment, through iDEAL, Bancontact and SEPA.

We appreciate our customers’ feedbacks! Here’s what some of our customers say about our work Trustpilot.

Can I also buy Ethereum at SATOS?

Yes, you can! We do not only buy Ethereum from you; you can also buy ethereum from us. You can always count on us to exchange your cryptocurrencies to euros and vice versa. Indeed, you have come to the right place to sell or buy your cryptocurrencies! Wondering what other cryptocurrency you can sell at SATOS? Take a look at these pages:

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Can I also sell Ethereum at SATOS?

Absolutely! Aside from enabling the purchase of Ethereum, SATOS also offers Ethereum selling services. To sell your ethereum to SATOS, we only ask you to submit your banking details, and for you to transfer the ethers to one of our addresses. We will send your euros over as soon as you have finished these steps!

Wondering what other cryptocurrencies you can buy and sell at SATOS? Take a look at these pages:

Can I buy Ethereum anonymously through SATOS?

No, the applicable rules and legislation oblige us to request some of your personal details. Read our KYC / AML policy for more information.

What are the costs of selling Bitcoin through SATOS?

The additional costs generally make up between 1.0 and 1.5% of the sales sum. This includes transaction costs.

Can I sell my Bitcoin to SATOS anonymously?

No, SATOS stands by its Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) procedure. The anonymous sale of cryptocurrencies violates the applicable laws and regulations. Please view our KYC / AML policy for more information.

Is there a minimum amount of Bitcoin that I have to sell?

Our minimum sales amount is EUR 50. We have introduced this minimum to offer our customers a fair rate for their cryptocurrencies. Below this amount, the transaction costs become disproportionately high.

Do you have a maximum limit for selling Bitcoin?

We do not put any daily limits. However, we do have a limit per transaction: 50,000 EUR. Of course, it is still possible to place consecutive orders of this amount.

Always double-check addresses before sending cryptocurrencies

Are you going to transfer cryptocurrencies? Like when selling Bitcoin? Then always copy the recipient address of the person you like to send the Bitcoin to. It is easy to make a mistake when re-typing the address. There is also nothing you can do afterwards to recover your payment. Indeed, if you accidentally send Bitcoin to a wrong address, there is a big chance you will never see your coins again.

Communicate with your bank before selling large amounts

If you are planning to sell large quantities of cryptocurrency, it is advisable to inform your bank of this in advance. If you fail to do so, your bank might start asking questions of you following a transaction. They even reserve the right to freeze your bank account if they smell something fishy. You will want to avoid this. Hence, always inform your bank in advance when major transactions are coming up.

Setting up a transaction fee for miners

We have already discussed this earlier on this page, but it remains crucial to add a reasonable transaction fee to your transaction. This ensures that the Bitcoin miners will quickly add your transaction to the blockchain. Miners are faced with limited transaction space per block, which is why they prioritise trades with high fees.

Cryptocurrency and paying taxes

It is essential that you declare your crypto assets with the tax authorities every year. This helps you to avoid future problems when you, for instance, attempt to exchange your Bitcoin to euros. In the Netherlands, cryptocurrencies are generally taxed in Box 3. The first 30,000 EUR is exempt from taxation. You can find more information about taxes at our dedicated bitcoin tax page.

Which bank does SATOS use?

Our accounts are administered by BUNQ. This allows us to offer you instant payment services. Are you also an account holder at a bank supporting instant payment? Then the money will appear on your account almost instantaneously.

Does SATOS pass on information to tax authorities?

No, SATOS does not provide tax authorities with any data. You are expected to communicate your received income to the tax authorities yourself.

How long does it take before I receive the money on my bank account?

You will receive your payment on the next working day at the latest. This differs from bank to bank. SATOS generally processes orders within 10 minutes. If your bank supports instant payments, the money will nearly instantaneously appear on your account. Take a look at our terms and conditions to learn more about how we operate and what you can expect from us. We have done our best to keep them as short and understandable as possible. That way you know for sure that you’ll never be confronted with unexpected surprises.

I need assistance; what is the most convenient way to reach you?

We are available seven days per week from 10 AM to 9 PM. You can reach us through the live chat, by email, or by using social media. For frequently asked questions, please first check our support-page.

What does SATOS use my personal data for?

We understand that privacy is a key concern for you. Therefore, we drafted an entire page covering just this subject. Please have a look at our privacy policy page.