How it all started

On October 31st, 2008, someone using the still mysterious pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto first published the Bitcoin white paper. It was hardly a coincidence that this publication occurred at a time when the financial markets were crashing. The white paper described how Bitcoin would provide a solution to the problems inherent to the current monetary system. The coin would signify the end of the centralisation of power and the endless printing of money within the financial system. Bitcoin allows you to autonomously manage your assets, and as such, it offers the first step towards financial freedom. For the first time in history, a form of money came into being of which the maximum circulation had been set in stone from the beginning. In other words; further inflation has become impossible. This, in short, is what Bitcoin stands for.

The founders of SATOS first came into contact with Bitcoin in 2012 and were immediately convinced of the digital coin’s potential. It was not long before SATOS could proclaim itself one of the first cryptocurrency brokers of the Netherlands. It all started as a time-consuming hobby, but soon after, it transformed into one of the biggest Bitcoin and blockchain start-ups of the Benelux. Its mission had been clear from day one: Buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin at SATOS for an experience which will be as safe and accessible as possible for everyone.

Our vision in 2019

Nowadays, SATOS still believes in Satoshi’s vision and aims to contribute to the adoption and applicability of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We do so by providing a secure, reliable and convenient gateway between the contemporary world and the new world of digital currencies in a responsible manner. We strive for a new world, in which everyone can opt to act as their own bank and remains in complete control of their assets; be your own bank! We are convinced that cryptocurrencies will continue to play a key role in the economy of the future. This conviction guides our team as they assist as many people as possible in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Our core values

Passionate and innovative

The SATOS team can be characterised as passionate and innovative. This can be seen in the smallest things. Whether it’s a slightly too competitive game of VR table tennis involving screaming colleagues or an intense discussion about altcoins at our after-work drinks; we are always open to new ideas and useful discussions and use these to stay up to speed on the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies. We encourage SATOS employees not to avoid challenges and to continuously work in tandem with each other.

Responsible and reliable

We take action to do what’s right and take responsibility for our decisions. We are honest and direct, even when this may be difficult. We practice what we preach and are open to criticism. We know what we talk about. If we don’t, we don’t pretend to. We do our research and return as specialists. For us, the core value of reliability means that you do what you say and say what you do. If we don’t deliver, we value the feedback and learn from our mistakes.

Committed and approachable

As cryptocurrency is a new and complex financial product, it’s essential to know whom you can reach out to for help. At SATOS, we have always differentiated ourselves with our personal approach and genuine contact with our clients. We understand that the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may appear overwhelming at first. Hence, we find it important that everything is as straightforward and understandable as possible for our clients.

Our details

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Telefoon: +31 (0) 320 32 00 36